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Planning Strategies for Relocating...

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With remote work so common these days, moving to your dream locale across the state, country or even the world isn’t as difficult as it once was. Still, that doesn’t mean a long-distance move will be easy. The logistics, the travel, and the timeline can all be tricky to manage, and preparing for these potential challenges is key. If you're considering a big move this year, follow these tips to help everything run smoothly...

1. Map out a detailed timetable. Set milestones for each important step, such as booking your movers, scheduling cleaning services, and having everything packed up and ready to go. 

2. Calculate a realistic budget. Start a spreadsheet of all the expenses you can expect. Remember to include homebuying costs (down payment, closing costs, etc.) as well as things like packing supplies, movers, moving pods, truck rentals, travel, and more. 

3. Declutter and do a home inventory. Begin by decluttering your house and donating anything you no longer need. Then, do an inventory of the items you’re bringing. When you pack, label every box clearly so you know exactly where to put it upon arrival.

4. Account for the comfort and safety of kids and pets. If you have children or furry family members, you’ll need to make arrangements for them. For kids, this might mean getting a babysitter to watch them on moving day and stocking up on road trip entertainment. For pets, you’ll need to sort out transportation and accommodations as needed.

5. Don’t forget about utilities, internet, and insurance. Make sure you schedule on and off dates for all home service providers. You may need to make deposits for your new utilities, so be sure to plan for these costs as well.

"If you're planning a move to Florida and need a home, or anything to make the process easier, please give me a call. ~Sandy

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